Induction Sealing Process


1. Induced current flowing through the heating coil generates Magnetic Line of Force.
   (alternating magnetic field) around the coil.
2. The Magnetic Line of Force (alternating magnetic field) generated penetrates the heating material
   (metal plate or aluminum sheet) transmitting through the Hot Melt material.
3. Eddy Current induced by Magnetic Line of Force generates heat inside the heating material.
4. The heating material applies heat to the Hot Melt Tape up to the given application temperature.
5. Interrupt induced current ceasing the heating, and press the hot melt material until it gets cold
    completing the adhesion process.


Easy Cap Sealer - Portable



Easy Cap Sealer - Automatic Conveyor Line Type



Vacuum Packing Sealer - Portable



Vacuum Packing Sealer - Automatic Conveyor Line Type