SMART EASY CAP SEALER glues the sealing sheet onto the mouth of a container through electromagnetic induction heating.
This is a new product developed by Smart Corp., which generates heat only from the adhesive area. It can seal containers of various shapes and sizes. 




1. Heat is generated only from the adhesive area of the container and the sealing sheet.
2. As the heat is generated only from the gluing area, power consumption and changes in contents can 2. both be minimized.
3. Reducing the gluing time by minimizing the heated area. (small size in 0.5 sec)
4. Circular, quadrangular, dissymmetric, or many unusual shapes of containers can be sealed.
5. It can be used from small to large sizes. (up to 500mm in diameter)
6. Series of sealing can be operated because it is contact-free.
7. Low frequency (within the range of 10~20khz.) protects contents from being altered, and protects
7. the safety of the worker. 
8. Sealing for heat-sealed products can be done as well. 

- Food container: coffee and beverage bottles, powder or liquid containers.
- Medicine container: containers for packaging medical supplies in powder/granule/liquid.
- Containers for agriculture: containers for powder/liquid form of agrichemicals or packaging various
- farm produces.
- Any containers needed to be sealed, which are made of paper, plastic, glass, or metal.

- Keeping the contents sealed airtight.
- The final customer opens so that the reliability of the product is maintained.
- Keeping the glass-like containers moisture-free.
- Simple and easy opening.
- Maximized economical production by contact-free process.


Sealing Sheet?


- This is a general term to describe sheet-like materials used for sealing, with thermoplastic adhesives sprayed or pressed on. Various types include aluminum foil, paper, vinyl, and these are either categorized as conductors or nonconductors.
Among those, induction sealing sheets uses electromagnetic induction heating to cover a container, and many types of these are produced and used in countries all over the world.  The suitability of a particular sealing sheet can vary, depending on the type of container or the characteristics of the contents.  Therefore, sealing success depends on choosing the best sealing material.

- Induction Sealing Sheets can be divided into two types, One piece linerand Two piece liner, based on whether the reinforcement separates from the aluminum foil after the sealing.
After sealing, theOne piece lineris not separated, whereas the Two piece liner is.
Usually, One Piece Liners are used for Pull Push Cap types, while the Two Piece Liner is applied to the Screw Cap type.